Treasury Bills

Treasury bill is a short –term debt instrument issued by the Government of Sri Lanka under the Local Treasury Bill Ordinance No 08 of 1923 (as amended) when it raises domestic public debt for budgetary purpose.

These are government securities having a maturity period up to one year. Treasury bills are issued by the Public Debt Department of the Central Bank, on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka, under the provisions of the Local Treasury Bills Ordinance. Treasury bills are issued in maturities of 91 days, 182 days and 364 days. Treasury bills are zero coupon securities and are sold at a discount to face value, which is paid at maturity. The difference between the purchase price and the face value is the interest income to the owner. Treasury bills are considered liquid assets as they can be easily sold in the secondary market and converted to cash.

  • Risk Free

  • Short term debt instrument

  • Maturity proceeds (Face Value) will be paid on maturity

  • Yield Rates are determined by the market

  • Tradable instrument in the secondary

  • Issued in script less form

  • Issued by the Central Bank on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka.

  • Issued with fixed tenors of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months

  • Affordable face values starting from Rs. 10,000/ and upwards.

  • Issued at a discounted price.

  • Interest is paid upfront

  • Interest earnings are exempted from withholding Tax

  • It is free from default risk since the repayment on maturity is guaranteed by the Government.

  • Readily en-cashable.

  • Accepted as collateral by all lending associations.

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NSB offers an unmatched security for the deposits of our customers,
being 100% guaranteed by the Government of Sri Lanka.

  • It is an absolutely risk free investment, since it is issued by the sovereign government.

  • You can get the competitive rate of Interest since the yield rates are determined in the market.

  • All receipts of maturity proceeds and capital gains are fully reparable.

  • You could also have a joint investment with some other persons. Hence it is very good way to share your investments with loved ones.

  • Interest Income / capital gains earned by foreigners out of investment in Treasury bills are not subject to taxation.

  • No stamp duty is payable on these bills

  • Can be Obtain the loan up to 80% of the total investment

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